Business Administration Services

Branding Strategy and Crisis Management

Other Services Offered:

Public Relations & Crisis Management

Marketing Materials

Locating Business Site

Staffing and Grand Opening 

Web Pages/Domain Name/Business Email

Marketing Materials Only* - Small Business Merchandise Package *Starts at $40 -Consultation Required

*Other services may be available at the request or necessity of the Client require consult for pricing.

How do I purchase more than 2 hours?

Appointments are 2hrs in blocks up to 6hrs,

Time is purchased by the day beginning at 8 hours a day up to 4 days. 

Time is purchased by the week (5 days) 40 hrs a week. 

Deposit of 50% required for more than 2hrs.

Corporate Consultations

Workforce Development & Recruiting 

Package Services*$500 base fee.

Staffing Assistance - Consult Required 

Assistance to  small business owners with those hard to fill job openings. 

This will include interviewing , placement and follow up with employee contact information. 

We can help you hire temporary assistance for you those annual sales or grand openings or even clean up crews for events! 

Business Conceptualization & Development

We will help you develop the different departments of your business. This includes development and design, and implementation of new policies as well. 

Discuss your needs with us so we can get your needs taken care of!

Hourly Services

$50 (2HR Min)

 ● Management ● Career Direction ● Branding ●  Project Management● Public Relations 

*Services do not constitute legal advice

*Services do not constitute legal advice